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Family breakdown

Whether you are married or unmarried, separation from your partner can be traumatic for you and your children.

We will explain where you stand legally, how the law can help you and put into plain words what you should do next to achieve the outcome you wish. The legal process can often add to that stress but we will always try to reduce the tension and build a positive environment for the benefit of both parties and everyone involved.

If you cannot reach agreement through mediation, it will be necessary to go to court. Whatever you decide, we will advise and support you and your children through the legal process.

  • divorce and separation
  • married/unmarried/same sex partners
  • financial and property arrangements
  • pension issues
  • Family law Act injunctions
  • finding a place of safety
  • enforcing court orders
  • your children contact and residence
  • wardship/adoption/change of name